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25.08.2011, 14:21
Maxwell Render компании Nextlimit представляет собой самостоятельную систему визуализации (рендеринга) трехмерных объектов, которая построена по принципу «без допущений». То есть в ее основу положены физические свойства света и поверхностей. Так как программа использует уравнения волновой теории света, это позволяет визуализировать трехмерные сцены с беспрецедентным качеством.
Что нового в MAXWELL RENDER 2.5.1
• Fixed draft mode was not saving the image to disk (RS0 just saves a image file, not a MXI)
• Fixed now draft mode disables multilight internally
• Fixed potential crash with SSS and shadow channel
• Fixed bug in Zclip plane
• Fixed emitters with displacement could fail
• Fixed overall darkness in channels using Blow up camera
• Fixed vignetting was not working in draft mode
• Fixed emixer maximum number of frames was not properly loaded when loading emixer files
• Fixed RealFlow toolkit module was sometimes loaded incorrectly
• Fixed environment EXRs with alpha were rendered incorrectly
• Improvements in the two color interpolation in sky dome background
• Fixed some ies files with incorrect format were failing
• Improvements in the MXI Batch dialog. It is possible now applying an emixer file to a sequence of MXI files
• Fixed dodevignetting commmand line parameter
• Fixed mximerge was not taking padding into account in channels paths
• When opening an MXI file the CPU id used to generate it is printed in the console. If the MXI was generated in a merge
process all the original CPU IDs are printed.
• Fixed shadow pass + hide to camera or matte when shadow flag is off
• Fixed shadow pass converging to white, overbright shadows some cases
• Fixed thin-sss + caustics problem
• Fixed caustics were blocking light with semi-transparent materials
• Fixed Maxwell Render now starts rendering if sky dome is black but it has sun enabled. It was showing a "no lights in scene”
• Improved padding handling when "separate lights” is active
• Improved notifications frame of preferences dialog. New verbosity GUI control
• Fixed Hidden from GUI shadow bug
• Override material now uses default material if no MXM path is specified
• Fixed when sky type was set to none but there was sun active in the sky dome section, the sun was active in the render
• Menu/”Save image” saves the current channel active in the viewer if the render option "Output Mode” is set to "Separate” or
saves all the channels if "Output Mode” is set to "Embedded” and the output format supports it. Now it works exactly in the
same way when exporting a sequence in the multilight editor (emixer)
• Mac version: Improvements in the way MXS/MXI files are opened if there is already an instance of Maxwell Render open
• New preference "Always Force Threads to Automatic” added
When enabled, it always renders using the maximum number of threads available for the current hardware, independently
of the parameter "number of threads” stored in the scene
• SDK improved and updated• COMMAND LINE ARGUMENTS
• Fixed "-renameoutput” command line flag was not working correctly in some cases
• Fixed command line arguments to set zbuffer range
• New command line parameter "-trytoresume”
When it is called, Maxwell Render will automatically resume the render if the MXI file exists, without asking the user if
resuming or not. If the MXI file is not found, it will render from scratch without asking the user either. The parameter is also
accessible through the SDK using the setRenderParameter function with the "TRY TO RESUME MXI” value.
• New command line parameters "-copymxi:path” and "-copyimage:path”
Used to specify a mxi/image path where the render output will be copied when finished.
This is very useful - for instance, it enables you to avoid specifying a network path as render output, which can make the
render slow. A local path can be set as render output instead, and when the render finishes the file is copied If the user also
specifies "-remove after copy: yes/no”, the original files will be removed if the copy succeeds.
• New command line parameter "-licenseinfo” that prints all the license information in console and exits the application with
the following error codes:
* 0 = license ok
* 1 = critical error (application error)
* 2 = license error
• New command line parameter "-norenderifdemo” that avoids the render starts if the license is not valid.
• New command line parameter "-licensepath:path” that sets the path of the license file.
Some cleaning done in the command line flags to set default and override materials
• command line "-help” argument improved. Help is displayed in a much clearer way now
• Added some speed improvements
• Overall stability improved - now it is possible to change RealFlow toolkit parameters interactively
• Fixed unnecessary revoxelizations when there were materials with displacement in the scene
• Fixed override and default material were not properly refreshed when they were changed while Maxwell Fire was running
• Fixed hierarchies were not properly refreshed if parents were hidden
• Fixed potential crash when changing the diaphragm while interactive mode was running
• Added support for HDR Light Studio (Windows only). The installer now includes an option for integrating a demo version of
HDR Light Studio in Maxwell Studio.
• Fixed RealFlow toolkit parameters were not properly refreshed in Fire when changing
• Fixed HDR "Same as background” was read incorrectly in some cases
• Fixed potential crash when reading MXS files with degenerated geometries
• Fixed when cloning objects with instances, cloned instances got a translation offset
• Fixed when copying a bsdf and pasting it in a different place, it was only possible to paste it once
• Fixed when launching Maxwell Render, priority was always set as "low”
• Fixed Sun direction in viewport was not properly drawn in some cases
• Full texture view dialog now shows RGB info as the small texture picker
• Fixed Maxwell Fire was not properly refreshed after using UV operator
• Fixed potential crash when changing diaphragm type while Maxwell Fire was active
• Fixed Stopping Maxwell Fire switches material preview to Auto
• Fixed potential crash when cloning several objects at once
• Fixed potential crash when changing render options
• Fixed when changing render options sometimes the scene was revoxelized even if this was not needed
• Fixed now when changing the sky dome color in the color picker the render is refreshed immediately, not when the color
dialog is closed
• Fixed bug when the default material path was invalid
• Fixed camera motion blur in fire was not working properly, adding too much blur in many cases
• Fixed rotation and scale in viewport of UV were not refreshed in the fire windows (they were working fine only when using
the numerical box)• NETWORK
• Improved mechanisms to handle exceptions and unexpected failures in nodes, especially in animations when isolated frames
• Fixed "checking dependencies” dialog could appear behind the job wizard
• Fixed nodes could become irresponsive in animations
• Improved error and warning mechanisms when textures with non standard characters are not properly handled by nodes
with different OS’s or locale settings.
• Improvements in the routines to reset nodes
• "-nomxi” command line flag is now fully supported in both animation and cooperative renders
• Fixed the result of a cooperative merging process sometimes was ignoring the extension and saving always a PNG file
• Added preference to avoid the manager purges its temp folder after a crash, so it is possible to recover temp files (the
preference is enabled by default)
• Improved routines to check if the version of mxnetwork and Maxwell Render are the same in the whole network. These
routines now take monitors into account too.

Системные требования: * Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008
* 2 GHz Intel® Pentium®4 processor, AMD Athlon 64 or better
* 1GB RAM minimum. 4 GB of RAM memory is highly recommended
* 400 MB available hard disk space for installation
* Accelerated OpenGL drivers
* 3 button mouse recommended

Год/Дата Выпуска: 2011
Версия: 2.5.1
ОС:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
Разработчик: Next Limit
Разрядность: 32bit+64bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 446.7 Мб

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